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Almost there!

Thank you so much for your patience!

We never expected it would take us this long to open. We are getting antsy.

Some updates:

We have gotten all of our applications in for Medicare and the major PPO insurance providers. We plan to be in-network with the major insurance carriers, though we are not participating with any HMO's, including the local Medi-Cal providers. We will also accept private pay for those without insurance.

We are excited to procure an EKG machine, spirometer, and autoclave this weekend, some of the last instruments we need to provide you with comprehensive primary care services! We are happy to partner with Quest labs, which provides multiple locations and very professional handling of patient labs.

We have a been beautifying our patient areas for your comfort, and installed a ramp for ease of access. We can't wait to open our doors for you!

We are ready to start receiving your records!

Please fill out the attached form. You can them mail it to us at our PO box with a copy of your drivers license and insurance card. We will fax the information to your previous providers office so we can get your records, and then we will call you when we are able to accept your insurance and set up your appointment! If you have access to fax, you can also fax your records release (or your records if you have them). Thank you so much!

Kelly A. Sharrar, M.D.

PO Box 2301

Mariposa, CA 95338

fax: 209-682-5227

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